CERO NINE was founded by creative director Khalil Eddiouane. Based on his experience in the high-end fashion and lifestyle industry, he became aware of the fact that high-end fashion brands dictate the upcoming trends, and the rest simply follows. This has created a gap in the market. In order to fill this gap and to add a new perspective to the fashion industry, Khalil selected a young and creative team. Together with his team, he designed the answer for anyone who is looking for fashion, quality and reasonable pricing.

The brand strives to capture upcoming trends and translates them in its own way. Therefore, the philosophy of CERO NINE is to be unique, using the finest materials to create trendy items, whilst remaining accessible.

Starting with the first model, The Fort Sneaker, CERO NINE took the ‘chunky shoe trend’ and altered it into a sophisticated yet wearable design.