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Kimberley Wenas
Kimberley Wenas takes a dynamic, authentic and personal approach to celebrity styling. Her career in fashion started during her employment at a PR & Marketing agency in Amsterdam. Kimberley was working behind the scenes of her first photoshoot and realised that fashion styling was her calling. Continuously looking for new ways to combine her fresh and edgy style with a classic, timeless twist. Kimberley’s dream is, next to being the #1 stylist in the Netherlands, to educate current and new generations by sharing her story.
“For this collaboration with CERO NINE I wanted to bring an homage to my late grandmother Yvonne ‘Nini’ Banse. I inherited her ring with an emerald stone from Indonesia, Makassar. I wear my grandmother’s ring every day. This is the ring that empowers and enlightens me, I can feel my grandmother’s energy."
Helping people is of great importance to Kimberley. She gets excited when she can help somebody by giving tips and tricks regarding her field of work, or by giving other people the opportunity to share their story. Like no other, Kimberley knows that life is fragile, that is why she wants to get everything out of it. It is her mission to inspire and motivate people to follow their dreams.
"I added my slogan ‘Dreams Money Can’t Buy’ into the design. It is also the slogan of my exhibition and my documentary. Adding this makes it a very personal design and it suits my personality well. The colourway is clean, minimal and simple. By using materials such as leather, canvas, suede and flat mesh, the design becomes playful and edgy – which refers to my styling signature.”
The CERO NINE IMPACT by Kimberley Wenas is now available, exclusively on our website.

CERO MINE by Kimberley Wenas

CERO MINE is an initiative in which CERO NINE collaborates with carefully selected individuals who have a unique story to tell. Kimberley Wenas, a fashion stylist, carefully designed her own CERO NINE IMPACT.